Launch a “Gray Matter in the Green” Conversation

Tomorrow we had planned to launch a blog site that would have questioned the current global economic and political system.  We wanted to begin this interactive service on our website.  However, we have had some second thoughts, for “blogging” would not be an adequate manner of handling some difficult and haunting questions before us.  Thus we are in the process of inviting a period of further comments to see whether another Internet interactive venue would be better suited for the task at hand.  Our hope has been that using the Internet could avoid physical conferencing via air travel with its heavy carbon footprint, or the distractingly simplistic approach of pop experts giving comforting environmental talks that skirt the major issues.  Instead, we seek more input on the following basic issues and questions:

1. Basic Justice Issue: Must nations implement regulation to prevent destruction of our fragile planet through self-serving consumption of Earth’s resources by the world of “haves” (with many luxury wants) taking what, in justice, must be shared with the “have-nots” (with essential needs such as food and housing)?

Note — Between 1900 and 2005 over one billion people (mainly Asians) joined about 800 million in the consuming middle class in the West.  During the same period the number of the world’s hungry, which through UN millennial goals was supposed to be halved by 2010, increased from 850 million to over one billion.  Progress?  In the same period the number of the world’s billionaires went from dozens to well over one thousand.  The 14 trillion dollars now in global tax havens could give every person on this planet a decent house, waste system and domestic renewable energy.  Do not the resources belong to all, especially the needy?

2. Basic Spiritual Issue: Why not follow the Ignatian principle of the Third Degree of Humility?  Why not share with the poor, and thus become enriched by spiritual (not material) profit motivation?  Are we willing to abandon the hidden materialistic values so often found in our educational philosophy?  Can we not limit individual wealth?  How about workers owning the work place?

3. Basic Economic Issue: Are we willing to reclaim the commons for ALL people, and to do so through viable global  regulations and fair taxation of the super-rich?

4. Basic Emotional Issue: Why aren’t we righteously angry?  Is it because our capitalistic funders won’t allow us to be?

5. Basic Environmental Issue: Can we be concerned environmentalists without questioning the capitalistic system?

Prayer: Lord, help us to sponsor interactive conversation that involves discerning the possibility of a world order that will address current global justice and related issues.